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Gee this Soul fella looks interesting, how can I contact him?
-You can send a message in my tumblr inbox for commission details OR you can e-mail them at (although you should notify me via tumblr since I don’t check my e-mails that often)
How does the whole commission thing work?
-Basically you submit your idea, I draw a sketch and I give it back to you for feedback. If you approve the sketch, I begin drawing the lineart, adding the details etc etc (or just the sketch, if that’s what you opted for)
Do I have to pay upfront or?
-Well you could, OR you could pay half when you approve the sketch and the other half when I finish the picture. Sounds fair, right?
Wait a minute Soul, I thought you were from Europe, why are you charging with USD?
-That is an excellent question!
Why won’t you do furries or gays? What about my DIO x Jotaro OTP?!
-Well the main reason is because I think there’s way too many people who already draw those things. Plus I’m not experienced with either wieners or anthropomorphic humanoids. 

I think that covers most of it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them

For real though, I’d pay this guy double. Support him :V





A few tips everybody should consider. I’ve experienced all those and some more. I’m not good at english but I hope you get it. Go and support some artists out there and let them draw you nice shit. Not as nice as FairyNekoDesu but still will be cool so give them a chance and you’ll be surprised.


All of these things.

Especially the deadline. If you don’t have a deadline thats way in advanced it’s not gonna get done by then. I am almost always taking on a ton of projects at once and sometimes need a break from it to: work on stuff for me, work on stuff for friends, search for jobs, be the work slave of parents, actually relax and try to relief stress, technical difficulties, researching on how to do stuff, ect.

Sometimes it’s done in a day. Sometimes it’s done literally a year later. But I always update the people I work with so they know I haven’t forgotten.

Do NOT rush your commissioner. Let them work at their pace and it will be worth it. Rushing them insures a rush job which will very likely make the quality decline.

All this is true. Also, ref sheets are the most important thing ever. I can’t stress that enough. They make the job A LOT easier (instead of having to compare 10 different pics between each other and see that everything fits, you just look at 1!!)  If you plan in commissioning your character a lot, or even if its not yours (like from an anime or something) Either commission one or look for ref sheets of the show (because there are!).

Also i strongly suggest not using Instant Messaging. Information can be lost pretty easily there and it’s hard to come back to it. Use emails instead. The info stays there, and it’s easy to search for it. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of the descriptions, so if either the client or artist made a mistake, you can see the email threads and see who’s right straight away.

also pushy clients LOVE instant messaging. Pls no.

This post is really nice! :D



Commissions are open!

Check here for terms of service! If you have any inquiries or would like to commission, please send an email to

So I’m going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I’m in need of $400 by September 7th, or my living situation could be affected negatively. My hours at my job dwindled to nothing since the season has ended, and I’m running out of options to make what is due. This is the first time I’ve had to make a signal boost for myself, and I hope this will also be the last time.

Commissions are open, as always.

And as an incentive, I’ll also be offering flat colored sketches for anywhere between $8 to $10. Unlike the regular, black & white sketches, these come in two flavors: chibi fullbody or regularly styled thigh up.

If you can donate, I’ve added a Paypal button to my blog and it will remain there until Sept. 7th. Any amount helps and every bit is highly appreciated. ;v;/


Anonymous asked:

Who'd win in a one-on-one fight Jin Kazama or Ryu Hayabusa?



Jin may have went Devil form and fought a giant monster made up entirely of Mokujins once upon a time. Hayabusa on the other hand is a half-Fiend super ninja that kills demons and gods on a daily basis. For a living actually.

Gonna give this one up to the Dragon Ninja <3

I don’t think he actually does it for a living. I’m pretty sure he runs an antique shop.

Oh dang, I honestly forgot all about that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thenihilisticidealist asked:

Now, who are your favorite male characters for each your favorite fighting game franchises?

One of them should definitely go without saying thanks to my avatar.

As for everyone else:

Ryu Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Leon, Eliot, Zack, Sol Badguy, Chipp Zanuff, Anji Mito, Bang Shishigami, Hazama, Ragna, Valkenhayn, Kilik, Maxi, Hwang Seung Kyung,  Zasalamel, Jin Saotome, Volcano Rosso, Garuda, Skullomania, Sean, Dudley, Necro, Alex, Fei Long, El Fuerte, Jon Talbain, Jedah, Demitri, Donovan, Marshall/Forest Law, Jin Kazama, Eddy Gordo, Miguel Caballero Rojo, Yoshimitsu, Raven, Heihachi, King, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Scorpion, Sub Zero, Jax, Shang Tsung, Raiden, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, Kim Kaphwan, Robert Garcia, Ryo Sakazaki, Shen Woo, Joe Higashi, Rock Howard, Khushnood Butt, Michael Roa Valdamjong, Kishima Kouma, Akatsuki, Blitztank ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Rajaa, Sett, Kenji/Mukuro, Leo, every Bruce Lee character in every fighting game ever, Genghis Bahn III, and finally the entire male cast of the Virtua Fighter series except for Lion. Because he’s a knucklehead .V.

thenihilisticidealist asked:

What are your favorite female characters from each of your favorite fighting game franchises?

Since you asked, I’d be happy to share that bit of info with you.
Throwing this out there first. This right here is MUH WAIFU :V

Not gonna lie, I have kind of a waifu harem, but she’s #1 priority. With that out of the way, my favorite fighting game females are as followed:

Makoto (Street Fighter), Elena, Ibuki, Juri Han, Rose, Baiken, A.B.A., Jam Kuradoberi, Taki, Tira, Ivy, Taokaka, Bullet, Q-Bee, Hsien-Ko, BB Hood, King, Angel, Leona Heidern, Jun Kazama, Asuka Kazama, Lili, Christie Monteiro, Kunimitsu, Ayane, Hitomi, La Mariposa, Momiji, Pai Chan, Vanessa Lewis, Mileena, Sheeva, Jade, Ms. Fortune, Valentine, Squigly, Son Son, Kaori and Voodoo (Shaq Fu lol), Mai Ling, Arcueid Brunestud, Marylin Sue, Kanae, and Dural because I’m a weirdo like that.

There could have been more I might have forgotten, but I think that’s just about all my favorites right there XD


Anonymous asked:

Whatevs, Tekken a shit compared to Virtua Fighter anyway.

THIS we can both agree on.

Seriously. I love Tekken. I’ve been with the series since Tekken 1 on the PSX. But it holds a few candles short from being on Virtua Fighter’s level. Not only was it the series that invented the 3D sub-genre of fighting games (my favorite gaming genre of them all), VF5 Final Showdown is, bar none, the most mechanically sound and well-balanced fighting game I’ve ever played in my life. Truly a franchise that deserves more respect and attention in the Western market ;_;7


Anonymous asked:

What are your top 10 favorite fihgtan gaems?

According to my Top 17 PS3 fighting games on my main blog (based on how frequently I play them), here’s my favorites from most to least:

1) Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown
2) Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate
3) Tekken Revolution
4) Tekken 6
5) Tekken Tag Tournament 2
6) Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +
Darkstalkers Resurrection
8) Street Fighter III: Third Strike
9) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle
10) BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

11) Persona 4: Arena
12) Fighting Vipers HD
13) Virtua Fighter 2 HD
14) Sonic the Fighters HD
15) Mortal Kombat 9
16) Skullgirls
17) Marvel Vs Capcom 2

I also play on GGPO sometimes, but not as often as I used to. I favor KoF98, Capcom JoJo, and Garou Mark of the Wolves. I also want to get into Breaker’s Revenge and Samurai Showdown, but I have no clue who’d put in the time to fight against this scrub XD

EDIT: Did I forget to mention one of my favorite fighting games is Shaq Fu?

(Mainly for aesthetic reasons. Otherwise it plays like dirt, but I love it.)

Sai Animation Assistant 2


Here we goooo!

I finally got around to this last week.

New features:

  • Program can now export .gifs!  Exporting supports 4 quality levels, custom resizing, and fps control.
  • Preview window resizes as you scale the overall program window.  Your preview can be as big or small as you’d like.
  • Frames are now quicksorted instead of using the native default ordering.  This means no more of that 1, 10, 2, 3… 8, 9 order crap.  Filenames are weighted by their character ASCII values plus a base 10 positioning modifier.  See this Spongebob?  This is science.
  • Since frames are not re-loaded externally on each rendition, those of you running toasters shouldn’t get preview lag any more.
  • Step forward/step backward buttons.
  • Specifiable file types for those of you too cool for .png’s.
  • Refresh button.

The goal is to give those of us who would rather sketch in Sai (or any other program that lacks a timeline) a way to preview our animation frames without jumping through Photoshop hoops.

Basic Walkthrough:

-Draw your frames in Sai.

-Export each frame to a folder and name them something orderable like:

  • 1.png, 2.png… 
  • a.jpg, b.jpg…
  • Midna Frame 1.png, Midna Frame 2.png…

-Put the program into the same folder, or launch the program and go to File >Set Source Folder.

If you load the program from the same folder, it will automatically load the animation.  Otherwise it will be loaded when you set the source.

Click play to loop the frames back to you, producing the animation.  Adjust the FPS as needed.  The FPS can be adjusted while the preview is playing.

The step forward/backward buttons will advance or regress the current frame, they can be used while the preview is playing or while it’s stopped.  Stepping to a frame and then clicking play will play the animation from that frame onward.

Once the preview is in place you can make edits to the individual frames in Sai, and update the files as needed.  To update the preview, click the Refresh button in the upper right.

Say I wanted to change an arm in Frame 2.  I would make my changes in Sai, export the frame as 2.png - replacing the old one - and then click Refresh.  You can refresh without stopping the preview animation.  If I wanted to add an entirely new frame, I would do the same process only without overwriting 2.png.

Information about the current frame is displayed in the bottom left.  Right clicking on a frame will take you to that image file in Windows Explorer.

Exporting .gifs:


I tried to make this as simple as possible.  Just go to File > Export Gif.  From there select your file name, desired quality, and you can resize the end image as needed.  “Constrain proportions" being checked simply means that if you have a file that’s 200x300, and you change the width to 100, then the height value will automatically change to 150.

Export Gif To… does the same thing only it lets you navigate to where you want the gif saved before prompting for file options.

Big, high quality gifs will take some time to construct, so be patient if you’re exporting something large.


If you have any trouble launching it, make sure your .net is up to date.

.RAR Download

Source Files

Old version.


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