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But yeah. Thanks to NieR, I got into the Drakengard series and I love it to bits. Coincidentally my best friend introduced me to NieR around the same time Drakengard 3 was announced for a localized release. I didn’t hesitate to buy it the first moment I could get (missed getting the special edition set out of a fluke sadly). I was obsessed with that game too and managed to get the Platinum trophy for both games.

I must be completely honest though. I don’t like Drakengard 2. although the game was slightly improved over the first, it was still painfully slow and was somehow even stiffer than its predecessor. Yoko Taro had nothing to do with the game, which meant it lost the grim tone the series was infamous for in favor of having a bland stereotypical JRPG story with a Dynasty Warrior’s skin. I really wanted to like Nowe, I really do. But comparing him to the likes of Caim/Zero/Nier, he’s like that one guy who wants to sit at the cool kid’s table, but didn’t quite fit in. He and the rest of the characters have the depth and characterization of a thin layer of cardboard drifting in salt water. At least Legna and the moments where Caim showed up being awesome makes everything worth it B)

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Yeah I played nier when it first came out. DEFINITELY one for the story but the gameplay was almost passable, certainly bearable

That’s one of the more unfortunate things about the game.The mechanics were extremely light and not as complex as games like DMC and Ninja Gaiden (coming from a masochist that does Master Ninja runs lol). I wasn’t feeling it much during the prologue sequence, but then my powers kicked in and I started enjoying myself. By the time I met up with Grimoire Weiss in the Lost Shrine, I got hooked into it. Although the core gameplay doesn’t change that much outside of earning new Lost Verses and weapon types in the 2nd half of the story, it certainly adds great twists to keep me invested. The overhead shmup segments and Baron Temple trials were pretty rad XD

aeris-isaura asked:

What is this song on your playlist? I must have it. Please.

Someone finally asked!!?? YES, I CAN FINALLY TALK ABOUT IT!!!


It’s music from a heavily unappreciated game for the PS360 called NieR. A game specifically engineered to rip out the player’s heart and stomp it into the dirt. 2nd to Shenmue, NieR is my most favorite game of all time. It’s just something that everyone has to experience for themselves. A masterfully crafted story, memorable characters, cool homages to past games (Zelda, Zork, etc.), a ton of side-quests, and one of the greatest soundtracks you’ll ever hear in your life! A lot of people are missing out on quite a unique gem.

Anyway, back to the music. To be more specific. What you hear in the autoplay is the Haunted Mansion segment of the game (which you see in my blog’s background). It’s essentially the vocals playing separately from the full track that you hear in the underground sector called The Ultimate Weapon. Someone on YouTube ripped the instruments and vocals, but they were all separate. So I made a version where both parts of the lyrics were mashed together since that’s how it plays in the mansion (You can get it here). It’s October, so I just had to! I have it unlisted since I’ve already shoved 2 other NieR edits down my subscribers’ throats when they only came for DoA5 vids <_<

But yeah. If the music of the game got you interested (which it should since it’s a masterpiece by every meaning of the word), I urge you to give the game a chance sometime. And fun fact. The game is set up to act as a standalone title. But what most people don’t know is that it’s really the sequel to the 5th alternate ending of one of the most twisted games known to man. Wasn’t very good when it came down to gameplay, but it was still freaking awesome for the story and tone alone.

quetzalcoatl2k replied to your post: This past week has just been hilarious…

lol, it’s all my fault! Sorry to have caused that avalanche of booty, and now you can’t get any good sleep because of it DX. P.S., that animation is HILARIOUS.

S’all good, brah! I have money to spend on groceries now, so I don’t mind the many nights of sleep I lost drawing a ton of butts. That, and I got better at drawing them XD

the-zimbabwe-yahweh replied to your post: This past week has just been hilarious…

shit boi thats it when i get a job, first paycheck is goin to you to just draw a page full of booty gat damn

Aw yeeeeeeeeee

generalcrimson replied to your post: This past week has just been hilarious…

Oh my god why is it so good?!

THAT’S WHAT I WANNA KNOW! I mean, I didn’t even use reference for it (I’d feel dirty if I did) and it still came out better than it should have. Must be one of those strange and mystical days where I get animator super powers x_x

diego-brando replied to your post: This past week has just been hilarious…

you’re a really good animator

D’aaaaaaawwwww thanks!

This past week has just been hilarious. Ever since that Tharja post blew up out of nowhere, the requests for me to draw more butts kept coming at me left and right. It was almost like there was no end in sight! My favorite example:

I got commissioned for an animated gif of Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. She was to wear this skintight costume she donned in a filler episode. Don’t know the story behind that since I dropped the series at Episode 6. I’ll get back on it eventually…

And this is the gif I was paid to animate.



astrojeggers asked:

Asura's Wrath deserved so much more love than it got. T-T

Tell me about it. That game was one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life for many reasons. Yet it was utterly dismissed by hardcore AAA gaming dudebros for being different from the industry norm and the game tanked. Any chance of new content or support for the IP in general is abysmal at this point. It’s a darn shame.

dnamadness asked:

Bruh, is it true it's customary for you to salute people by shouting "GRIT YOUR TEEEEEETH" and punching them out of nowhere because if it isn't let's totally make that a thing

Heck yeah it is! I’ll start : D




Oops. I overdid it.

First off, thanks to all the new people that recently followed. Welcome to my blog!

Secondly, activity’s been at a halt here for a while as you all might have noticed. I’ve mostly been drawing other things for the past week. Commissions actually! Thank God I’ve finally been getting a handful of them, but for obvious reasons, they’re the kind I can’t show here. And frankly I’m bushed XD

I might not post as frequently as I usually do for a little while at this rate. So in the meantime. Have a quick doodle of a sleep-deprived Garcian Smith sipping a cup of joe. In other words, me. Because I’ve been drawing too many butts :U



Anonymous asked:

Heya, I just wanted to say I really like FE: Awakening, so when I saw the Tharja [who is my favorite character] and Robin thing, I could not handle my laughter. I screencapped part of the first panel to use as my Skype avatar, and I really hope it doesn't bother you. I'll change it if it does, but I just felt bad for essentially taking something without at least asking the artist.

Thanks! And sure, I don’t mind at all. It’s an honor.

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